Mission Statement

To break the cycles of violence in our community by providing opportunities for change. We bond together positive growth practices that encourage Youth Awareness and Family Unification.


The South Bronx Concerned Citizens, Inc. is a small organization with a well-known reputation in the Longwood and Hunt’s Point area of the South Bronx due in large part to the Founder and Executive Director, Peter Jose Serrano. In Mr. Serrano’s early adulthood, he devoted much of his time to volunteering his time to his neighborhood. A decade of community service culminated in his founding of the South Bronx Concerned Citizens, Inc., a community-based grassroots organization that fought for improved housing conditions amid the burned-out buildings of the South Bronx of the 1970s. In the 1980’s, Mr. Serrano was part of a movement to prevent the closing of Prospect Hospital, the only local hospital located in Community Board #2. In addition, he organized merchants on Longwood Avenue, Prospect Avenue and Southern Boulevards to form the Longwood Avenue Development Corporation.


In 1996, after watching the seeds of stability sown twenty years before mature into the rebirth of the Bronx, Mr. Serrano reorganized the South Bronx Concerned Citizens and reinvigorated them with a new mission: youth awareness and family unification. In response to the needs of youth and families within the community, SBCC has developed the Anti-Violence Initiative (formerly known as the Family Life Education Project), an educational, prevention and intervention program which consists of a series of services currently including: Cultural Awareness, Anger Management, Domestic Violence Accountability Program for Male Batterers, Parenting Classes, Couples Mediation Workshops, and the Fathers First Project. The South Bronx Concerned Citizens also has the Youth Enrichment Project, which consists of SBCC Kids After School Educational Program, SBCC Kids Summer Educational Program, SBCC’s Tutorial Enhancement Program, and the Society of Concerned Youth. The South Bronx Concerned Citizens, Inc. is primarily a volunteer-driven organization. Through the aid of our volunteers, programs are made possible. Through our Volunteer and Intern Initiative, we provide work experience and small stipends to High School and College aged youth.


In 2002, Mr. Serrano turned his attention to a deadly enemy targeting the youth of his community: big tobacco companies and their efforts to increase underage smoking among minority youth. As a result, Mr. Serrano organized Concerned Citizens Against Tobacco. Working collaboratively with the Coalition for A Smoke Free City, Mr. Serrano and CCAT worked tirelessly to build local support for a more comprehensive tobacco control policy in New York City.

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